Inbright Corporation, now for startups.

We are proud of announcing a new initiative ready to be launched in the world of startups and entrepreneurship.

The main objective of the program is allowing startups to create and test minimum viable products without spending lots of money nor risking their initial equity, by putting internal resources and human capital on the startups, Inbright is able to provide them with the technical development needs that would otherwise take a team of hired employees and a commitment on equity of the new startup, this is very risky especially for non technical founders, when finding the right CTO is usually a pain and a long term commitment.

By filling in as the interim CTO, we are able to provide startups with a powerful technical team to validate their ideas while they recruit someone full time” said David Castillo (Inbright CEO).

The process is really simple, startups founders apply to Inbright for Startups on inbright/software we do the necessary legal processes that guarantee the idea or project stays within the founders, we work developing the tested assumptions for the startup and whenever they feel they are ready to have a full time technical partner or they find out the right element, we transfer all the knowledge and IPs to the company so they can continue their way.

This sets a precedent for the Inbright technical ventures program we will be introducing by 2017, where we are even going to be able to develop the technical side of the startup for free, for those companies that we decide that meet the requirements to have a technical investment” said Castillo.

The company is looking forward to develop important partnerships to enable an effective program that helps founders and new companies to achieve the desired success and not become limited because of the excessive costs of hiring a technical development team.

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