Inbright launches Drone Service Provider program.

At Inbright we are aware of the needs and dificultes of having to map distant areas or remote places, and whenever a client needs a mapping, we want to help.

With that in mind we created our Drone Service Provider program, a way of operating that allows Inbright to extend its potential serving customers by teaming up with local pilots and drone operators.

DSPs become the first point of contact with clients, establishing a long term relationship with the industry.

We add value to the mapping process with our systems & drones and we want to team up with you to map your region! We are currently mapping the following industries:

  • *Corn
  • *Wine
  • *Forestal

What to do to Become a DSP

An elegible DSP (Drone Service Provider) must meet the following criteria:

  • *Have passion for drones and mapping technology
  • *Medium/High experience with multi rotor and fixed wing drones
  • *Hold strong connections with the industry we are trying to map

To register to our DSP program simply go to Inbright/DSP and register your company!

Please contact for more information.

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