Inbright´s Thermal Fixed Wing Drone helping increase the wine quality in California.

Client: Victor Pulido, consultant food security in the Central Valley, California, with over 10 years experience supporting farmers in production and development in the wine industry, ensuring that food is of the highest quality and meet standards officials of the FDA (Food Drugs Administration).

The need: The best wine is obtained when the UVA reaches high levels of sugar, this happens when the plant is in a state of controlled water stress, ie, the winegrower must know precisely the amount of water supplied, the temperature, identify leaks and other variables; tasks currently done by hand.

Drone technology opportunity: Today, this information is obtained manually or by aircraft with onboard sensors, the problem of these methods are: excessive cost of service and equipment Not available for small areas Landing zones and exclusive takeoff Flight permits and experienced pilots Long time in information Slow response Much personnel for repetitive tasks Training costs

Inbright Solution (Fixed Wing Drone + Thermal): Victor uses the Fixed Wing Drone, with a thermal imaging camera on board to obtain temperature data and accurate maps of the fields of their clients, helping winegrowers to acquire data quickly, quicker response and controlling accurately the quality of the wine produced.

Today Victor and technology Drones are helpful for: 50 Acres Vineyard are measured in 20 minutes. Without pilots. Forecasts and decision making in less than 24 hours. Cost reduction in at least 30%

Thus improving the quality of the grapes in the Central Valley of California and reducing costs for all farmers focused on making better wine.

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