Valmie heads to merge drone technologies with Mexico’s Inbright

Valmie (VMRI) Team Heads to Mexico to View In-Flight Drone Demo

HOUSTON – (DATE) – Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB: VMRI) announces it has dispatched a team to view an in-flight demonstration prepared by Inbright, an international drone hardware and software development company. Inbright is organizing a live exhibition of its multirotor drone platform; its camera and imager equipped drones, and customized ground control technology. The trip is part of a coordinated effort as the companies lay groundwork for merging their technologies.

Valmie’s team will confer with Inbright’s company leaders to discuss strategies for addressing future opportunities in the commercial drone space. Valmie is exploring licensing its technologies and solutions, and integrating Inbright’s specialized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and dedicated platforms for a range of commercial uses. Valmie recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Inbright and is investigating Inbright’s technology to finalize its Autonomous Intelligence for Mobile Devices, or AIMD platform, a powerful and feature-rich modular platform for enhancing the connection between UAV’s and other smart systems.

“As we look toward formalizing our corporate relationship, we are working closely with Inbright’s leadership to refine and enhance the commercial value of this versatile drone platform,” said President and CEO of Valmie Resources, Gerald B. Hammack, noting that Valmie is uniquely positioned through this international experience to meet consumer needs in a number of areas when the regulations governing drone use in the U.S. are established. “This new drone platform will be a catalyst for our business and allow for future expansion to meet the growing demand in the commercial drone space.”

The LOI with Inbright is reflective of Valmie’s exploration of unique teaming scenarios in Mexico’s less restrictive environment to allow the company to develop and perfect its drone technology more rapidly.

About Inbright Inbright is a research and development company that achieves high level, customized solutions using innovative software, hardware and drones to help businesses solve technological challenges. Inbright builds drone platforms that perform inspections, data analysis and surveillance across a variety of industries. Inbright’s capabilities include building custom apps and minimum viable product (MVP) development.

Inbright investigates and evaluates businesses’ technological challenges and finds creative methodologies to solve them. Once the ideas are fully researched, Inbright moves on to develop prototypes, culminating in high impact, full stack solutions.

Inbright offers highly skilled teams in the areas of hardware and instrumentation; artificial intelligence and movement; computer vision; mapping and data acquisition; and user interface/experience.

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About Valmie Resources (OTCBB: VMRI) Valmie Resources is a U.S. company actively pursuing opportunities for the commercialization of leading edge products and services in the rapidly expanding technology industry. Valmie seeks concepts with valid business models positioned to make a significant impact within the four key “megasectors” of technology: software, hardware, networking and semiconductors. Valmie brings operating talent, tools and leadership to emerging companies in these sectors, promoting industry awareness and developing economically sustainable partnerships while increasing shareholder value.

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