Track and map fire as it moves, get vital information, save human lives

Equiped with specialized thermal cameras and RGB cameras, the system allow anyone with basic training to effectively perform one of the following:


By combining colorimetry information and temperature from thermal cameras, we can estimate the path a fire will follow, Preventive actions need to be taken to minimize damage.


When firefighting risking a life is not an option, mapping the area immediately will let you know where is the fire going, what's the wind speed, how big is the fire and how can you attack from a safe position, all this only with a tablet and Fire Drone in the air.


After a big fire it is always import - ant to estimate the damage, area sizes and losses, with our systems simply fly through the area and get the precise numbers.

Heat tracking is important when taking decisions, specially when controlling fire in a forest, identifying people on non visible areas and locating pretty much ang big mammal, firemen, brigades and policemen find these system specially valuable when risking a life is not an option.


Ready for brigade & operations, arrive, unpack and fly.

  • Rough travel case
  • Ready to fly system
  • Movable ground station
  • No cables / WiFi / Signal
  • 30 km of data from our drone per battery